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Founder and History


The Food Truck Rally was founded in 2020 by Assaad Hachem.  His passion for food and expertise in the restaurant industry led him to create food truck competitions that attract individuals and families for not only great food but also entertainment, including games, kids’ activities and live music. The food truck competitions are held at events in all major cities in the USA.

We all agree, street food is the best and authentic food. It has been around forever in form of food carts, tents, trailers and food trucks etc.  Some recipes are authentic passed on for years, others try new ones to make their own recognition in the food world, but one thing you’ll find is similar in all-- some great tasting fresh cooked food.

The Food Truck Rally will help you discover these amazing foods by organizing food truck events, where you can enjoy a variety of foods and connect with your favorites for catering of your own future events.

To make things easier The Food Truck Rally offers a membership that anyone can join and get connected with future events, discover new food trucks and caterers.

It’s also a great opportunity for food truck owners to expand their businesses through this network and get discovered by new customers and find future events to join.

For your convenience install our App, available on Android and IOS - Search for The Food Truck Rally in your app store.

Contact Assaad directly to become a member today!


Phone: 877-969-8387

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